Life as a Trainee

Life as a Trainee

The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health is a strong, growing company that aims to empower young Indigenous students to become trainees. Not only indigenous students - other cultures too.

The Institute is making a big impression on a lot of students to become trainees. Trainees are doing different certificates, two are doing a cert 3 in fitness also are moving up to a cert 4. They are enjoying it a lot.

The trainees also go out to a program called Work It Out. This program is designed to help a lot of people to become healthier like one of our clients. We call him Uncle Adrian, we are like a family here.

Uncle Adrian was sick and unhealthy until he signed up for the program. He started to get better. His sickness went away and now he can walk properly. We also help a lot of elderly people with sicknesses and with weak bones so they can regain their strength.

The program also helps you quit your bad habits, to be changed into healthy habits. We also check up on your blood pressure and your sugar levels to keep you up to date so you can balance it.

The Institute also gives the trainees projects. Some trainees got the opportunity to design a T-shirt for a comedy night! So if you have any talents that you want to explore, IUIH is the job for you. IUIH also helps as a pathway to university, if you’re wishing to go to university.

There are three trainees are studying at Uni right now. IUIH also helps people with their vision and helps protect your eyesight.
IUIH is giving us a head start to our future and goals to become what we’ve always wanted to be.



This is Marlee’s very first article for our Blog and we look forward to seeing many more from him.
Marlee was one of the Institute’s school based Trainees who now works with us at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health.



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