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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane Limited

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane Limited was formed by community members and concerned general practitioners as a small volunteer group in the early 1970s. The service provided primary health care to the Indigenous community around Spring Hill. It has grown to be one of the largest Indigenous community organisations in Queensland and proudly remains community controlled and managed. ATSICHS provides a diverse range of health and ancillary services in a culturally appropriate setting to more than 12,000 clients throughout the greater Brisbane area.

The Kalwun Development Corporation

Kalwun Development Corporation is located at Nerang on the Gold Coast and provides services to the Gold Coast and surrounding region. Core functions include The Kalwun Housing Program, Home and Community Care and the Health Service that operates from a purpose-designed facility in Miami. The service caters for the primary health care needs of the community with 3 doctors and a dental service. It also runs specialised programs, developed and facilitated by Aboriginal Health Workers.

The Kambu Medical Service

When founded 32 years ago, the Kambu Medical Centre provided culturally appropriate health care by doctors who travelled from the Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service Brisbane for one day a week. By 1994 the staff had increased to a CEO, Finance Officer, doctor, two health workers, a trainee health worker, a driver, nutrition field officer, trainee receptionist and trainee admin assistant, all managed by a community-elected Board of Directors. Today, Kambu Medical Centre employs over 35 staff (not including visiting specialists) and provides comprehensive medical and specialist services to the Ipswich and surrounding areas.

The Yulu-Burri-Ba Health Service

Yulu-Burri-Ba has been providing health related services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on Stradbroke Island for 25 years, and became incorporated as Yulu-Burri-Ba in 1994. During that time Yulu-Burri-Ba has established a community controlled health service providing multiple community care facilities and services. Initially the service commenced with three providers at the Dunwich Hall on a weekly basis every Thursday. Currently Yulu-Burri-Ba has over 40 staff and a second clinic located at Capalaba, providing access to General Practitioners and various Allied Health Services. Yulu-Burri-Ba is now located at their new facilities at 16 Dickson Way, Dunwich.

Funding Partners

IUIH Ltd would like to acknowledge the continued funding support from the following agencies:

  • Department of Health - Commonwealth Government
  • Queensland Health - Queensland State Government
  • Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local