Deadly Choices welcomes new ambassador

Shea Speirings has been announced as the latest ambassador for the Deadly Choices program. He is the 2015 youth representative to the United Nations and a strong advocate for youth justice. 

Deadly Choices ambassadors are chosen to assist the IUIH in the delivery of the intrinsic healthy lifestyle message; 'A deadly choices is a health choice' and are recognised as a positive role model and mentor to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. 

CEO of the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health Adrian Carson said "Shea is a strong, confident Aboriginal man with unique leadership qualities...we think he is an admirable role model to so many young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and we are excited to have him on board".

Originally from Rockhampton in Central Queensland, Shea now resides in Brisbane. As a young man growing up on Australia’s central coast Shea was not readily exposed to some of the opportunities often afforded to others. As a teenager of a hard working single mother who had not finished high-school, and the son of man who was often in and out of jail, Shea did not imagine himself having the privilege and opportunity he does now. It has only been through trial and error that Shea was able to find his passion and drive. For Shea the motivation he has in regard to working with communities is informed by his experiences of growing up alongside great young people who never had the opportunity to realise their full potential. It is these experiences that have pushed Shea to seek something more from life. 

Shea worked in the construction industry on and off  before enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in International Relations, and Peace and Conflict Studies, at the University of Queensland (UQ). As an Alumni of the UQ, Shea is currently in the running for both, the Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award, and The Distinguished Young Alumni Award.

 When asked how he felt about being named a DC ambassador he said “I am excited to be part of an initiative that puts such an emphasis on preventing bad health rather then fixing it later…with services like these there is no reason why our mob can’t get better”.

Shea is currently traveling through the Nothern Territory engaging with youth. After travelling through Australia and gathering feedback from youth he will take those recommendations to the UN later this year. 

We are excited to have Shea on board! If you want to connect with Shea you can find him on twitter at @sheaspeirings 

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