Kevin Maund Local Health Champion

Kevin Maund Local Health Champion

I would like to introduce to you our very first local health champion Kevin Maund. Kevin was born in Innisfail and grew up in Far North Queensland. He belongs to the Waribarra people of the Rainforest Country. He currently lives in Redcliffe and works in the Greater Area of Brisbane.

We chose Kevin as the local health champion for Deception Bay because of his commitment to improving his health and lifestyle with assistance from the Deception Bay Moreton ATSICHS clinic.

Kevin is a Type 2 Diabetic and has been overweight for most of his life. He takes medication for his chronic disease which he has lived with since 2006. He manages his chronic disease by keeping up to date with his doctors’ appointments and regular visits to his local AMS to check how he is going; he wants to reverse his Type 2 diabetes and wants to get off of his medication. Kevin is also following on with his weight loss journey which consists of healthy eating and daily exercise which he also incorporates as a family activity with his partner and children. Kevin wants to reach a point where healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices become second nature and he would also like to between 110kg and 100kg or lower.

Kevin started his journey back in August 2012 where he reached his heaviest weight of 146kg. Kevin realised he needed to make changes to his lifestyle after looking at the number on the scales. His son has just turned 2 and he made a promise to his partner about quitting smoking and cutting back on his alcohol consumption. After two years passed Kevin had made the decision to keep that promise, he had given up smoking and cut back on drinking alcohol. Kevin went from 146kg to 137kg from September 2012 to December 2013. In January of 2015 he made a decision to get some expert advice and really give a chance at doing a 12 week challenge. Within this 12 week challenge Kevin had started a meal plan which he follows every day and he also has an exercise plan which he follows, Kevin went from 135.9kg to 122.1kg within the 12 weeks.

You can visit your local AMS and make healthy changes too.



You can follow Kevin’s journey on the Moreton ATSICHS Facebook page or through our blog. Facebook:

Deception Bay clinic can be contacted by Ph: 3049 2299, Shop 3/675 Deception Bay Road Deception Bay Qld 4508

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