Kerry Jackson Local Heath Champion

Kerry Jackson Local Heath Champion

Alcohol impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in many different ways.  For some it’s harder to give up than for others. Kerry Jackson of Strathpine made a conscious decision to give up the alcohol for good, after visiting his local AMS last June. He says this was a changing day in his life.

We would like to introduce our next local health champion for Strathpine Kerry Jackson.

Kerry has lived in the Brisbane area since 1972. He was born in Gudigal country. Kerry comes from a big close knit family. Sadly he has lost many of his family members including his mother due to health reasons. Because of this Kerry is changing his life style for the better.

Kerry says the support he had at his local AMS has helped him change his behaviour and improve his quality of life.  He utilises many of the health services that his clinic provides such as the GP, Dentist, Optometrist, Paediatrician and his Counsellor.  “Prevention is the best cure, I encourage all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to engage with their local Aboriginal medical service.”

He also attends the Work It Out program (WIO) and education sessions twice a week learning about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, medication use, relaxation, exercise, and nutrition. The WIO program involves 60 minutes of exercise at the gym led by an Exercise Physiologist.

Kerry says that he has made improvements to his health since visiting his local AMS and joining the Work It Out program. He has lost 5kg within the past 12 months as well as lowering his cholesterol significantly. He believes this is because of the positive changes he has made to his lifestyle. Now he is making the decision of quitting smoking so he can live a healthier, longer life with his family.

“I want to be the best role model I can be to my seven children, after seeing my family pass away at such an early age.” 

You can visit your local AMS and make healthy changes too.

You can continue to follow Kerry’s journey on the Moreton ATICHS Facebook page.


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