Aunty Ruby McHugh Local Health Champion

Aunty Ruby McHugh Local Health Champion

Introducing our Local Health Champion from Northgate, Aunty Ruby McHugh.

For Aunty Ruby McHugh attending her local AMS has resulted in great health outcomes for her as she has now reduced her medication, is better able to manage her chronic disease as well as participate in weekly physical activity.

“It’s been great since I’ve been a regular client of the Northgate clinic, I’ve joined a walking group, attend diabetes education workshops as well as taking care of my eyes and dental health,” Aunty Ruby said.

Aunty Ruby recognises that prevention is better than cure and wants to live a longer healthier life.

“I used to be a heavy smoker, smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day but I quit smoking after visiting the clinic and speaking with my doctor about the harm it was causing me.   “A healthy lifestyle to me means staying connected with my friends and family, being social and also staying connected with my clinic and letting them know how I am doing,” she said.

Aunty Ruby said, it’s very important to see your doctor or get your health check to prevent something from happening.

You can visit your local AMS and make healthy changes too.

You can follow Aunty Ruby’s journey on the Moreton ATICHS Facebook page or through our blog.


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