Danusha Cubillo Local Health Champion

Danusha Cubillo Local Health Champion

 Introducing you to our Local Health Champion from Browns Plains, Danusha Cubillo, of the Larrakia mob, she has lived in Brisbane with her family for 6 years. 

We have chosen Danusha as our next Local Health Champion because of the significant changes she has made to her lifestyle. She started her health journey back in 2005 where she had a health scare.

She wanted to change her lifestyle for the better, she says “I wanted a better future for myself and my family so I had to make some changes to the way I was living.”

Danusha now has a different perspective on life.

Weighing over 200kgs and living with a heart condition she has, with the assistance of gastro surgery and her local AMS, lost over 160kgs and reduced her medication intake. She visits her local AMS once a month or two times a week with her children.

 “I find that I have more energy to achieve things throughout the day.”

Danusha said she was putting on weight and she needed to understand why and through the services offered by her AMS she was able to better educate herself about her lifestyle choices.

“A healthy lifestyle means looking after all aspects of your life, healthy mind and healthy body is a healthy lifestyle.”

“My biggest motivation is to be able to keep up with my kids.”

One of her biggest challenges was to make the decision to attend her local AMS however now says that her experience was only ever positive and you never feel like just a number.

“I immediately felt accepted and respected by the clinic staff and would encourage our community to use the many services available.” 

One of Danusha’s biggest achievements in 2015 is completing the Bridge to Brisbane in 50 minutes.

You can visit your AMS and make changes too.

You can follow Danusha’s story through our Facebook page.


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