Gavin Gillchrist

Gavin Gillchrist

Introducing our Local Health Champion from the Brisbane Bayside area (Wynnum and Capalaba), Gavin Gillchrist.

Gavin is a Kalkadoon man who has lived in the Brisbane Bayside area from the age of 4.

We have chosen Gavin as a Local Health Champion because of his commitment to improving his health and lifestyle with assistance from the Wynnum and Capalaba Yulu-Burri-Ba clinics.

Gavin attends the Wynnum and Capalaba clinics regularly and uses many of the services his clinics provide such as Podiatry, Dentistry and Dietitian. He lives with heart conditions such as hypertension and high cholesterol as well as a chronic disease. Gavin says that without the support of Yulu-Burri-Ba managing his chronic disease would be difficult.

Since being a regular client at Yulu-Burri-Ba Gavin is in the process of quitting smoking, has reduced his alcohol consumption, eats healthier and exercises regularly.

“To me a healthy lifestyle means getting out and doing more and living a longer healthier life.”

Gavin also attends the Work It Out program twice a week and meets for education sessions around understanding a healthy lifestyle, medication use, relaxation, exercise, and nutrition. Following the education session Gavin then joins an exercise session with the Exercise Physiologist for 60 minutes at the gym.

“Work it Out is very valuable to me as it is not only social but educational as well, I love coming here each week and catching up with everyone to see how we are progressing.”

Gavin is very excited to see a clinic has opened in his local suburb which he says is more convenient.

You can visit your AMS and create a healthy for yourself too.

You can follow Gavin’s story through the Yulu-Burri-Ba Facebook page.


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