How to join Work It Out

How to join Work It Out

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing but don’t know where to start?

You might have heard about Work it Out. It is an exercise and education program developed by IUIH and run through participating Aboriginal Medical Services that was developed to help reduce the risk or impact of chronic disease. People join work it out for all sorts of reasons. Some people come to get fit or manage their chronic disease but they all become part of a supportive community.

If you want to improve your health, talk with your doctor to see if Work It Out is right for you. If you are eligible you will get a referral to join the team.

The introduction to Work it Out will be with an Exercise Physiologist who will talk with you about your goals to improving your health and wellbeing and together you will develop your very own personalised exercise plan.

One of the best ways to stay motivated and reach your goals is to surround yourself with some likeminded friends. With group exercise and education sessions running weekly you’ll have a great opportunity to share your health journey with others.

To join the program or find out more talk to your local participating Aboriginal Medical Service or for more information email


Brisbane ATSICHS

Wolloolloongabba Ph: (07) 3240 8900
Logan/Woodridge Ph: (07) 3240 8940
Acacia Ridge Ph: (07) 3029 6502

Kambu Health
Goodna Ph: (07) 3436 9600

Yulu Burri Ba
Capalaba Ph: (07) 3900 7800
Stradbroke Island Ph: (07) 3409 9596

Gold Coast (Miami) Ph: (07) 5526 1112

Deception Bay Ph: (07) 3049 2299
Strathpine Ph: (07) 3897 0500
Morayfield Ph: (07) 5429 1000

Bidgerdii Community Health Service - Rockhampton Ph: (07) 4930 4600

Nhulundu Health Service- Gladstone Ph: (07) 4979 0992

Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare Service - Hervey Bay Ph: (07) 4194 5554

Cherbourg Regional Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services - Cherbourg Ph: (07) 4169 8600


Or for more information - email


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