Because of Her ... Debbie Hoger

Because of Her ... Debbie Hoger

Meet Debbie Hoger, a proud 29 year old Dunghutti woman. Debbie is originally from Sydney, but now lives in the Sunshine Coast.

She keeps busy with her husband, two children, and two jobs. She works part time for Murawin, an Indigenous consultancy, as well as runs her own business, Riley Callie Resources. At RCR, she sells resources for early years learning space that have a focus on STEM in an Indigenous context.

Debbie has nominated her mother, Carol Vale, as a deadly woman in her life.

Carol is 54 years old, with blood lines to the Dunghutti, Gumbaingirr, and Anaiwan people. She is an entrepreneur and business woman with over three decades of experience in government.

She was raised on the Aboriginal mission in Armidale with her cousins and extended family. Growing up, she enjoyed being outdoors, exploring the bushland and camping.

Debbie says her Mum is her role model and mentor.

“She has always been there for me, and has been an important influence in my life- encouraging me to reach high educationally and work hard to achieve my dreams and goals.”

“Her opinion means a lot to me and she inspires me to be the best I can be.”

Carol is the Managing Director at Murawin, where Debbie works too. Together they help businesses to work more effectively to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Carol also recently launched the Morning Sky Project, her personal initiative towards educational and economic empowerment for Aboriginal women, children, and young people.

She wants to share her insights and encourage more Indigenous people to step into the world of business in whatever way is a good fit for them.

“She works so hard to help drive positive change for our people through her work,” Debbie says.

Carol is very family oriented and loves spending time with her four children and nine grandkids. She also enjoys traveling overseas, kayaking and has recently taken up pottery. 

 “She sets the most amazing example to me and my kids, of what a person can do when they work hard, are resilient and demonstrate a passion for making a difference in this world,” Debbie says.

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