BECAUSE OF HER ... Leann Fletcher

  BECAUSE OF HER ... Leann Fletcher

I am currently a Family Partnership worker through the Australian Nurse Family Partnership program. Part of my work involves creating belly casts and belly bowls with young mothers, encouraging them to paint on them their dreaming story.


My family is Kamilaroi from Northern New South Wales, but I was born in Queensland.


All the women in my life have been important. My Grandmothers, Mum and aunties. Growing up, my grandfathers were gone before I was born, so women were very strong within the family unit.


My Grandmother played a very strong role within our lives. My Grandfather was a prisoner of war twice, and he died quite young, leaving my grandmother to raise her five children on her own. She didn’t take another partner, she stayed single for the rest of her life. She was very empowering and showed that women can do what they want.


Mum had previously been an emergency carer with child safety and a day care mum for 35 years. We would go to bed being a normal two adult, four child family, and wake up with eight children in the home. From this, I knew that working with children was what I wanted to do.


The women in my family have all helped on my journey into healthcare. There’s been a lot of struggle within the family with health issues and as most of my mob are still living in a small rural town, the restriction within healthcare and what is on offer to them has empowered me to be what I am today.


Having a supportive partner, I decided not to work while I raised my children. Then I got to the stage when they were grown and started some study for myself. I didn’t engage very well during my school years so I had to do a lot of adult learning. I now have double Diploma. In my working life I’ve met lots of inspirational women.  


Because of them I can…. Been inspired and empowered to study and successfully become a healthcare worker.

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