BECAUSE OF HER ... Marianne Wobcke

 BECAUSE OF HER ... Marianne Wobcke

I was employed as an Indigenous Midwife/Home Nurse Visitor for the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program in 2016. In march, I began in a newly created role for ANFPP as the Arts Project Officer.


My Indigenous Great, Great Grandmother’s name was Nuninja and my Great Grandmother’s name was Nuninga. My Great Grandmother was stolen from her mother and removed. For five generations a daughter was conceived – raped by non –Indigenous men; and were removed.


I was born into the care of the Department of Family Services and later adopted by a non-Indigenous family. I was born on the north side of Brisbane and adopted by a family who lived on the south side of Brisbane.

My adopted mother Joyce Wobcke, aged 88years, has been my source of infinite nourishment and support throughout my life.


If not for her unfailing loyalty I wold not have survived the legacy of trauma I inherited.


She supported my search for my biological mother from the start and was present to my discovery of my Aboriginality. Although not Indigenous by birth, we share the same values and beliefs. Her lover and understanding of Country is demonstrated in over 65 years living in the same home, nurturing the garden, animals and us.


Because of Her I can…. Reconcile my identity as an Indigenous woman and my European heritage. I can break the cycle of trauma and abandonment and inspire others to transform trauma into passion and potential.

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