Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

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About IUIH

IUIH is a regional not-for-profit Community Controlled Health Service (CCHS) that leads the planning, development and delivery of health and family wellbeing services and employment pathways to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of South East Queensland.

Utilising the IUIH System of Care, IUIH empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing through the delivery of a comprehensive range of services in partnership with our Member CCHSs – the four Community Controlled Health Services of South East Queensland. These are:

As well as providing a coordination, integration and leadership role across the region, IUIH directly delivers health, wellbeing services and social support services to the Moreton Bay region through the:

Together these five organisations comprise the regional IUIH Network.

IUIH is not only helping to close the gap in physical and social health, but it is also contributing to improved education and employment outcomes through school readiness initiatives and our ‘training for real jobs’ employment and career pathways.