Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

Early Childhood Education (Deadly Kindies)

In recognition that health and education outcomes are interdependent, IUIH’s Strategic Plan has included a strong focus on integrating health services into educational settings.

This includes a focus on promoting the importance of Kindy in preparing children for primary school through IUIH’s Deadly Kindies Campaign, which aims to improve Kindy participation rates. 

The Deadly Kindies Campaign aims to improve kindy participation and health check rates among Indigenous children, through a multi-strategy approach that includes social media, community engagement activities outdoor and indoor marketing, radio advertisements, promotional materials and community events. The campaign is supported by the Deadly Kindies Ambassador, Jonathan Thurston, and other Deadly Choices Ambassadors.

Through the campaign, Indigenous children eligible for kindy enrolment are encouraged to have a health check at their local IUIH clinic, and enroll in kindy for the following year. This provides permission for IUIH and/or clinic staff to follow up with families to support enrolment.

More information about Deadly Kindies, visit or the Deadly Kindies Facebook page.