Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

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IUIH System of Care 2

Although IUIH’s System of Care (ISoC) has already demonstrated that it is closing the gap faster, the system is always under review to further improve health access and outcomes, including in ways which can better respond to the rapid increase in Indigenous population growth being experienced in South East Queensland.

Accordingly, IUIH and its Member Services are working to develop an IUIH System of Care Version 2 (ISoC2). The development of ISoC2 follows extensive research into, and adaptation of, international best practices, including the Native American Nuka model in Alaska.

ISoC2 aims to reach a much larger number of clients, including using ‘pods’ in proposed large-scale health hub precincts, whilst retaining the close connection and relational basis of interactions with care providers. ISoC2 also keeps an emphasis on integration and care coordination that is characteristic of the way IUIH Network clinics are operated in South East Queensland.

The Pod Model supports stronger relationships between the client / family and their Pod Team, reducing wait times for appointments and ensuring clients and their families have easier access to the right services.

patient with doctor in clinic
What is the Pod Model?

The Pod Model is based on principles and ways of doing closely aligned with IUIH ways and propa primary healthcare.

The Pod Model is a new way of delivering health and social support services and commits to ensuring services and systems match with the way Our People and Community operate. 

Based on respect, relationships, connections, and on delivering care that is focused on a family centred approach, Pod Teams all work towards what the client and family need to be healthy, strong, and deadly.

Each Pod Team includes a:

  • Health and Wellbeing Worker
  • Receptionist/Administration
  • Nurse
  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Social Health Care Coordinator.

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ISoC2 is currently being trialled and is subject to a comprehensive evaluation (process, outcome, and impact) at the Caboolture clinic, IUIH Goodna clinic, and the new Coomera hub. Subject to the outcomes of this evaluation, a further rollout is planned across South East Queensland.

Depending on the client’s needs, the core Pod Team members will also be able to connect the client and their family with dental, optometry and a range of other health professionals available at the clinic – often without having to wait for an appointment with the GP.

Pod Team Roles

Responsible for connecting the client with their Pod Team members, working with the client to organise appointments, including transportation, processing Medicare, and performing a range of administrative tasks to support the Pod Team.

Works with the other Pod Team members to support the client and/or their family on their health journey. They will offer guidance, health education, support and assist clients and their family to reach their health goals.

The check point that helps collect, collate, sort, and highlight the important points that need to be considered and acted on by the GP and provides coordination and follow-up on the clients’ and/or families’ priorities identified in the care plan.

Provides overall guidance and support around the client and/or families’ health and wellbeing. The GP will also be there when the client is feeling unwell and needs to discuss their medical condition/s.

Works alongside the Pod Team, providing the client and their family with access to a range of services to support the social and emotional wellbeing of the client and their mob.

How is the Pod Model different?

The Pod Model supports stronger relationships between clients / families and their Pod Team, ensuring they have easier access to the right services.

The Pod Model will also:

  • have care better matched to the client’s and family’s needs
  • have the same Pod Team members working with the client and family
  • benefit from stronger connections between the client and their Pod
  • receive comprehensive care as a family.