Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

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Policy Research & Evaluation

A key focus of IUIH’s accountability to its community is to ensure that services are being delivered to and with the right people, in the right place and in the right way.

To meet this objective, IUIH has an active research, evaluation and policy unit to continually drive quality improvement, including through the use of qualitative and quantitative data to understand demographic trends, community needs and to provide a solid basis for program design/resource allocation and measuring progress and failure. This includes routine and rapid cycles of review against specified targets, and related incentivising of improved clinical and business performance. 

Complementing this work is an independent research and evaluation program, with a priority focus on moving from ‘best intentions’ to ‘best practice’ and ‘evidence-based’. This will help to further build evidence around ‘what works’ to close the gap faster for Indigenous people – not only in South East Queensland but more broadly at a national level.

Further information about how IUIH’s System of Care is underpinned by this evidence-informed care can be found at South East Queensland Indigenous Health Profile, Research, Evaluation and Policy Submissions.