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Pelvic Pain

The Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Management Program ensures Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can access culturally appropriate care and management for persistent pelvic pain.

Based at MATSICHS Caboolture, the program includes connected access to diagnosis and treatment and is open for self-referrals, clinical referrals, and enquiries.

The clinic supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people born female and over the age of puberty who are:

  • experiencing symptoms of possible endometriosis including dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia, where other causes have been excluded
  • experiencing persistent symptoms from previously diagnosed endometriosis
  • experiencing persistent pelvic pain for more than five days a month impacting on school, work and/or exercise despite investigation and management by a health care professional
  • looking to explore a holistic model of care and support their self-management of pain.


The program is based at Caboolture and is open to clients across Southeast Queensland.

Moreton ATSICHS Specialist Hub

5 James Street, Caboolture

Who to refer

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women


Please send a referral letter detailing relevant history including medications trialed, surgery and investigations to date, Past Medical History, current medications, and allergies via Medical Objects – IUIH VISITING (VI45100009P) or HealthLink EDI: endomppc

IUIH Network:


  • From Patient record
  • Gain client consent for referral to the IUIH Visiting / QH Specialist Clinic Site
  • Create letter using template ‘Referral letter with details inc FH & SoHx’ with verified contact details
  • Select ‘Referred To – Speciality’ = ‘Referral and Intake’
  • ‘Referred To – Named Person’ field- IUIH Referral-EndoPelvicPain

Phone: 0492 439 459 | Email:

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