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Yarnin’ Disability: May 2024 edition

IUIH publishes the May edition of the Yarnin' Disability newsletter

May 2024

Our deadly Disability Services team was at the Brisbane Disability Connection Expo last Friday, 2 March and Saturday, 3 March, promoting all things disability. 

Over two days, we connected with many people keen to use our service. If you know anyone who could use our Disability Services for Mob, encourage them to contact us for a yarn.

A Support Coordinator and a Plan Manager are two different roles performed by two different people. In some cases, an organisation may deliver both support coordination and plan management services however, the two services are separate to ensure there is no bias in how the funds are managed and roles are performed.

Support coordination: Support coordination is funded within your NDIS plan and helps build your capacity to navigate services and pursue your goals. A Support Coordinator connects you with NDIS providers and other services, and helps build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your services independently. The IUIH Disability Services team offers support coordination.

Plan management: Plan management is funded within your NDIS plan and helps manage your funding by ‘paying the bills.’

The Plan Manager is responsible for paying your providers for their NDIS-related support. They also provide you with a budget report so you have oversight of your remaining funds.

Support Coordination Advocacy

The IUIH Disability Services Team offers a unique service to Mob who have NDIS plans, but no support coordination funding allocated. Our team provides support to advocate for participants who identify the need for support coordination funding in the NDIS review process. There is a cost to you for this service, which you can claim from your Capacity Building budget.

For more information on this service, reach out to our deadly Support Coordination team.

IUIH now offers exercise physiology support to Mob with a NDIS plan. Services can be delivered in your home or community. It’s available weekly on Fridays (excluding public holidays). For more information on this service and how to access it, reach out to the Disability Service Allied Health team.

Now is the time to get your flu shot. The flu shot is safe and free for Mob and can prevent you from getting super crook. The flu shot helps stop the spread of flu in Community, especially to our Mob most likely to get crook, including our old people, jarjums under five, pregnant mums and anyone with a chronic condition.

Book in to get your flu shot today.