Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

IUIH System of Care

Since 2009, IUIH has worked with our Members and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of South East Queensland to overcome access barriers that are inherent within our often complex and fragmented health system.
The IUIH System of Care has been developed as a regional ‘ecosystem’ that promotes integrated health solutions at, and between, every level of IUIH’s operations.

This includes targeting the social determinants of health, whilst seeking simultaneously to influence mainstream policy and strengthen linkages with mainstream service systems.

The IUIH System of Care reflects many innovations in the way care is managed to achieve optimal health outcomes, meet continuous improvement targets and to optimise revenue to support expanded service delivery.

In a national first and following widespread interest in the model, IUIH has developed an IUIH System of Care web-based e-Learning and Resources Package. This interactive web-based resource hosts a suite of Courses with detailed content covering all aspects of the IUIH System of Care.

Courses include:

  • Our History, Our Journey
  • System of Care
  • Access and Community Engagement
  • Reception and Clinic Welcome
  • Cycle of Care
  • Clinical Governance
  • Workforce Design and Development
  • Data Knowledge and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Business Management – Profit for Purpose
  • Establishing a New Clinic
  • Deadly Choices
  • Work it Out
  • MomenTIM

In the coming months we will have a taster course available which will provide an overview of all the available courses.

IUIH System of Care

The web-based learning platform is primarily for the Community Controlled Health sector but also has wider application across the health care system.

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A full description of the IUIH System of Care can be found here.

IUIH System of Care Version 2 (ISoC2)

Although IUIH’s System of Care has already demonstrated that it is closing the gap faster, the system is always under review to further improve health access and outcomes, including in ways which can better respond to the rapid increases in Indigenous population growth being experienced in South East Queensland.

Accordingly, IUIH and its Member services are working to develop an IUIH System of Care Version 2 (ISoC2). The development of ISoC2 follows extensive research into, and adaptation of, international best practices, including the Native American Nuka model in Alaska.

The ISoC2 aims to reach a much larger number of clients, including using ‘pods’ in proposed large-scale health hub precincts, whilst retaining the close connection and relational basis of interactions with care providers. The ISoC2 also keeps an emphasis on integration and care coordination that has been characteristic of the way IUIH Network clinics are operated in South East Queensland.

The ISoC2 is currently being trialled and subject to a comprehensive evaluation (process, outcome and impact) at the Caboolture clinic and the new Coomera hub. Subject to the outcomes of this evaluation, a further rollout is planned across South East Queensland.