Improving and Integrating Urban Indigenous Health Services

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Family Wellbeing Services

The IUIH Family Wellbeing Service is an early intervention program, integrated with IUIH’s primary health care services, aiming to enhance the resilience, connectedness and social/emotional wellbeing of children and young people and helping to build strong and resilient families.

The Family Wellbeing Service Team is made up of family practitioners and family wellbeing workers, who are all accredited under the Parenting Under Pressure (PUP) Framework. The team is engaged to help families in the areas of:

  • personal support and development
  • practical support to address family needs
  • support to promote and enhance strong parenting
  • links to clinical and therapeutic health services
  • opportunities to connect with culture and community
  • building families and kinship connections.

Recognising that families interact with, and require support from, a range of services in their community, the Family Wellbeing Service actively participates in community collectives that focus on the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out of home care – leading and contributing to the strengthening of the community’s response and support provided to vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. This includes:

  • Family Support Collective
  • Early Response Indigenous Collectives
  • Housing Collectives
  • Local Level Alliances
  • Murri Network meetings.

Participation by the Family Wellbeing Service in these forums ensures agencies in the community are aware of and understand IUIH’s comprehensive System of Care, enables development and implementation of clear and effective referral pathways, and supports smooth interactions for families involved in multi-agency care.